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Adsense Alternatives: Monetize a Website with Ezoic

Adsense alternatives: monetize a website with Ezoic

Monetizing a website simply means making money.

An online business can work in two ways:

  1. Selling products or services through a virtual store or social media.

  2. Generating income through advertising networks or sponsored content.

Another way to profit from your website is by selling ad space on your site to advertising platforms.

What Are the Different Types of Ads?

There are three ways to earn money from ads:

  • CPC - Cost per click, that is, they pay you when a visitor has clicked on the ad.

  • CPM - Cost per impression, that in this case, they pay you for each time the ad is displayed, that is, for impressions.

  • Affiliate CPA. - Cost per action. In this type of payment, the advertiser pays you a commission on each purchase. 

How Do Online Advertising Agencies Work?

Many companies contact publishers offering themselves as an alternative to Adsense on the internet. Like Google AdSense, these companies establish the link between who wants to pay to publish their ads and who wants to publish them on their site. The company takes a commission, and you earn the rest.

Alternatives to Adsense: monetize your blog with Ezoic

The most common is that they give you a piece of code to publish responsible for injecting the ads at each request. In parallel, they usually have a platform to check out clicks, impressions, income, etc.

Alternatives to Google Adsense

You may already know Adsense ads. It is the largest ad network in the world that offers excellent prices. The first ads I placed on my websites were from my Adsense account.

Later, other companies began to contact me to sell their ads.

Most promised me substantial incoming. Sometimes I struggled to reach the minimum payout. Some companies had more or less success, but the reality is that I always ended up with Adsense.

Until Ezoic contacted me.

What Is Ezoic?

Ezoic is a North American company located in California that works in the world of online advertising.

Ezoic is an artificial intelligence platform for websites.

Ezoic, advertising network

If you have worked with Adsense or other advertising networks, when placing your ads you always wonder: What location will be better? What format will give me the best benefits?

The truth is that there is no precise answer since it depends on many factors, cultural, geographical, etc. What works in one country might not to work in another.

Ezoic fixes this problem for you:

With its artificial intelligence system, it is constantly testing combinations looking for the best results. With two objectives:

  1. Improve the user experience.

  2. Get more benefits.

Ezoic Vs. adsense. which Ad Network Is Better?

Ezoic offers many more possibilities than Adsense.

Ezoic, due to the large volume it handles, has much more strength to negotiate the price of the ads it shows. The primary source of advertising is Google Ad Exchange, which Ezoic provides access because it is an Official Google Partner.

You also have the option to connect to your Adsense account that allows the ads on your account to compete with those provided by Ezoic. Therefore, you never lose; you always win.

Ezoic assured me that their publishers saw their earnings increase by 60%. I initially gave it little credibility and dismissed it, thinking it would be more of the same. But on the other hand, I realized that they offered me a service that others did not give me.

In the end, I tried it, and in the first few months, I had already increased my income by more than 160%.

You can decide the views' percentage that you want to serve through Ezoic. This way, you can easily compare if it suits you or not.

Alternatives to Adsense: monetize your blog with Ezoic

If you are not convinced, you reverse it whenever you want. Ezoic guys feel so confident in their product that they don't ask you to sign any contracts.

How to Optimize Your Adsense and Ad Placement?

The easiest way to optimize the placement and format of your Adsense ads is by using Ezoic's free technology.

If you have already published ads on your blog, you will know that income varies significantly depending on where they are placed and how large they are.

Also, there are many factors that make the performance of advertising vary, such as the number of ads or the digital culture in each country.

Automated Optimization. What Does It Mean?

What Ezoic offered me was the solution to this problem:

On its platform, you indicate all the spaces on your website where an ad could be placed and what sizes you would accept in each one. From here, Ezoic goes to work; its artificial intelligence system tests different ad placements, different sizes, etc.

Alternative to Google Adsense

After the first month of working with them, my income has increased by 164%. On the other hand, the time I spend managing the ads' position and size has been reduced by 95%.

How Do They Do That?

Once registered in Ezoic, you have to request the acceptance of your website. Once they accept the site, they ask you to modify your domain's server names.

Alternatives to Adsense: monetize your blog with Ezoic

At first, you can think you are losing control. Nevertheless, you can always put back the names you had before (the domain still belongs to you).

Once the change is made, all traffic goes through their servers, so it is easy for them to modify the code to embed the ads where appropriate.

Why Is It Essential to Improve the Experience?

If the user has a good experience on the web, it turns into a more incredible income. These are the main reasons:

  1. If a user leaves quickly because they only see ads, it does not generate conversions.

  2. If the ads do not allow the user to find what he was looking for, he leaves.

  3. A pleasant display allows the user to visit more sections, which means more displayed ads.

  4. If the experience is pleasant, it is more likely you get backlinks.

  5. A user will be a specific time on our site. It is essential not to waste this time loading the page. Ezoic cache helps to improve this aspect enormously.

  6. Search engines take into account the visitor's experiences.

Ezoic Affiliate Program - Another Way to Earn Money

Ezoic also has an affiliate marketing program. It allows you to recommend its service to other users. This product enables you to increase your gain by helping other people to do the same. For this purpose, you can use your blog, social media, or any resource at your fingertips to share your affiliate link.

In return, the company pays you a commission for the life of the new user's benefits. It is important to note that this commission is NOT subtracted from the publisher's earnings, but Ezoic's payments.

What Other Services Does Ezoic Offer?

In addition to the monetization of the website, Ezoic offers many other services that I want to highlight:

  • You can use their cookie management according to EU law.

  • SSL Certificates.

  • Improved real-time statistics oriented to ad revenue.

  • They can make increase the web speed. They ensure to score more than 90 in the Google Speed ​​Insights indicator (paying service).

  • Integration with Cloudflare.

  • Cache system that allows you to improve the speed of the website and free up your server resources.

  • There is a Chrome extension that allows you to easily indicate which spaces on the web are available to display advertising.

  • Access to a large number of resources.

Alternatives to Adsense: monetize your blog with Ezoic



    Published: October 9, 2020
    Last review: October 15, 2020