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Nuclear Fusion Development Points To Sustainability

Nuclear fusion development points to sustainability

Nuclear power has long been a taboo for western society. It is not for less if we consider the great catastrophes that occurred during the twentieth century. However, much water has run under the bridge since then and nuclear fusion technology seems to point today towards energy sustainability.

When we talk about energy sustainability we are referring mainly to the replacement of polluting fossil fuels. In this, renewable energies, such as solar or wind, have gained wide ground in recent years and, behind, at a steady pace, the nuclear fusion gallops by showing us new alternatives on the horizon.

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Can nuclear fusion really be sustainable?

Fourth generation reactors (the safest ones so far) can generate incredible and unmatched energy for an infinitely lower cost and much less polluting than fossil fuels. However, its large-scale establishment seems distant due to the international sanctions imposed on countries that experiment with nuclear technology, in addition to the large investment in technology that requires this type of energy.

However, not all hopes are lost. There is currently a joint project among the main powers of the world that seeks to experiment with nuclear energy for non-war purposes as a new alternative to traditional energies.

If you still have doubts, here are some of the benefits that could be generated from the completion of this project:

  • Nuclear energy is cheaper and more powerful than traditional energy.
  • Nuclear power plants bring great technological development to the country that owns them.
  • Renewable energies may be the only alternative we have left to definitively stop the catastrophic consequences of climate change.
  • With the new technologies, nuclear plants are much safer than before, so the risks of a nuclear accident would be almost nil.

Despite the above, nuclear technology remains exclusively associated with warlike purposes, which is why most countries are reluctant to experiment with it. At present, renewable energy sources are preferred.

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Published: January 30, 2020
Last review: January 30, 2020