Fukushima nuclear accident, Japan

Chernobyl nuclear accident, Soviet Union

Accident I nuclear power plant

The accident at the nuclear power plant I saw the day October 19, 1989.

That day started a fire in the generator due to mechanical failure which indirectly caused a flood of sea water of nuclear reactor cava and the inoperability of some of the security systems.

On November 24, 1989, the former Ministry of Industry and Energy decided to stay Spanish permit operation of the plant.

The incident I nuclear power plant was classified as level 3 ("major incident") on the INES scale, and that there was no leakage of radioactive materials to the outside, or was damaged num cleo reactor and there was no contamination within the site.

The damage suffered by the security systems caused the degradation of defense in depth of the safety of the plant.

Not to be confused with the nuclear power plant operational and II below is right next door.

View I nuclear power plant

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