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Embalse Nuclear Power Plant, Argentina

Embalse Nuclear Power Plant, Argentina

The Embalse nuclear power plant is a central power generation, located near the city of Embalse, province of Cordoba in Argentina.

In addition to power generation has other applications in nuclear medicine because thanks to their recharge nuclear fuel during operation, is also used to generate isotopes for medical applications, such as cobalt 60

From the point of view of the capacity of power generation, nuclear power plant reservoir has a capacity of 648 MWe gross power.

The operator is Nucleoeléctrica Argentina S.A. since 1994.

Chronology of the Construction of the Embalse Nuclear Plant

Nuclear Power Plant Embalse, Argentina

On November 6, 1967 to the Provincial Power Company Córdoba (EPEC) he was commissioned a study of a nuclear power plant to generate electricity for the province of Cordoba. He later said that the construction and commissioning of the Embalse nuclear power outside national interest. At the same time it was decreed that the CNEA take care of everything concerning the project with full representation of the Argentine State.

In addition to obtaining a source of power generation and get the radioisotope cobalt-60, was intended to have a better grasp of nuclear technology.

The Embalse nuclear power plant began commercial operation in 1984.

In 1994 the plant operator Nuclear Power became Argentina S.A.

On 25 November 2009 the Senate of the Nation approved a renovation to make extended operation of the plant.

Production of Cobalt-60

The Embalse nuclear power plant within the reactor core, used cobalt rods. Cobalt rods have the function of regulating the neutron flux of nuclear fission reactions.

This feature allows for cobalt-60. Cobalt-60 is another very useful isotope of cobalt as a source of radiation in nuclear medicine and industry. Initially cobalt rods are formed by cobalt-59 isotope. For a while cobalt 59 is subjected to a neutron flux in the nuclear reactor until becomes cobalt-60

Renovation of the Embalse Nuclear Power Plant

On 25 November 2009 the Senate of the Nation approved the construction of a fourth nuclear power plant in Argentina and refurbishment to extend the life of the Embalse nuclear power.

As regards the nuclear plant reservoir, this represents a major refurbishment and replacement of certain elements of the plant before they reach the end of their useful life, as would be the case, for example channel fuel reactor.

When they have finished the remodeling, the power of the Embalse nuclear power will increase by 6%. His power will reach about 700 MW.

Reactor typePHWR
Reactor modelCANDU 6
Grid connection1983-04-25
OwnerNucleoelectrica Argentina S.A.
OperatorNucleoelectrica Argentina S.A.

Published: January 6, 2013
Last review: February 24, 2020

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