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 blayais Nuclear Power Plant, France

 blayais Nuclear Power Plant, France

The Blayais Nuclear Power Plant is a nuclear power plant for generating electricity.

The nuclear facility consists of 4 reactors of low pressure water 900MW each which were put into service between 1981 and 1983.

The nuclear power plant is located in France, near the town of Blaye, on the edge of the Gironde estuary between Bordeaux and Royan. For cooling the reactor estuarine water is used.

blayais Nuclear Power Plant

The 4 nuclear reactors produce about 27 TWh per year which corresponds to 6.15% of the electricity consumed in France.

The 4 reactors were built by Framatome and today are operated by EDF.

Nuclear Incident Blayais Nuclear Power Plant

Flood Blayais Nuclear Plant 1999

The first incident Blayais nuclear plant was declared on December 27, 1999 after suffering a flood.

The Blayais plant has some dikes to contain the water of the sea. That day, due to rising tides and strong winds exceeded seawater dams Blayais nuclear plant. This flood caused the loss of external power supply of the plant had to switch several safety systems.

The nuclear incident was classified as level 2 according to the International Nuclear Event Scale ( INES scale).

Following this incident Blayais important changes were made to the precautions taken in relation to flood risk.

In 2002 and 2003, EDF said two nuclear incidents level 1 on the INES scale. The incident was declared because of concerns that generated the resistance of some components of nuclear reactors at the possibility that an earthquake was declared.

Because of this, careful to evacuate virtually all staff Blayais nuclear power plant was taken.

The first incident, declared on October 14, 2002, relates to the maintenance of water tanks that allow cooling of the reactor core in case of earthquake. The renovation work to increase the security of the Blayais nuclear power plant in this area ended in December 2005.

The following nuclear accident, declared on October 28, 2003 was related to the earthquake resistance that one of the pipes connected to one of the water tanks involved in the earlier incident.

Reactor typePressurized water reactor (PWR): working and pros and cons
Reactor modelCP1
Grid connection1981-06-12
OwnerElectricite De France
OperatorElectricite De France
ZoneGironde, Bordeaux

Published: January 6, 2013
Last review: November 2, 2016

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