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 chinon-b1 Nuclear Power Plant, France

 chinon-b1 Nuclear Power Plant, France

The Chinon nuclear power plant is located in France, near Chinon in the territory of the city of Avoine (Indre-et-Loire) in the Country of Véron. Uses water from the Loire River.

The annual production of the nuclear plant is approximately 24 billion kilowatt-hours per year. This production accounts for approximately 4% of national electricity production in France. 1500 people work in the nuclear power plant.

History of the Chinon Nuclear Power Plant

The Chinon nuclear power plant has two different types of nuclear reactors:

Gas-graphite Reactors

Between July 1955 Electricité de France (EDF) controls a nuclear reactor project at the Commissariat for Atomic Energy, which is experimenting at Marcoule with a new type of natural uranium gas-graphite reactor for the production of plutonium. Plutonium is necessary for the manufacture of the French atomic bomb, and of passage for the production of electricity.

In 1957 the construction of EDF1, the first nuclear power reactor for civilian use in France, began.

In 1959 and 1961 the construction works of two other EDF2 and EDF3 reactors are started on the same site.

On September 16, 1962, the EDF1 reactor, protected by a metal ball 55 meters in diameter, diverges before a multitude of engineers and technicians who come to the control room. And on June 14, 1963, EDF1 begins for the first time to generate electric energy of nuclear origin. This reactor was completed April 16, 1973, after producing a total of 2.5 TWh. At this time, the nuclear reactor is partially dismantled and becomes a museum called "La Boule".

Reactors EDF2 and EDF3 were respectively placed in service in 1965 and 1966. Finally, they stopped in 1985 and 1990, respectively.

Pressure Water Reactors

In 1977, after leaving the nuclear reactors sector of graphite natural uranium gas, 4 more nuclear reactors are constructed. These are four new pressurized water reactors. In 1984 the first two are put into service. In 1987 and 988 the other two nuclear reactors were put into production.

Reactor typePressurized water reactor (PWR): working and pros and cons
Reactor modelCP2
Grid connection1982-11-30
OwnerElectricite De France
OperatorElectricite De France

Published: January 6, 2013
Last review: December 2, 2016

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