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Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant, India

Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant, India

The Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant is a nuclear power plant for generating electricity. The Central is located in in Koodankulam of, in the Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu state in southern Asian country of India.

The first reactor becomes the reactor number 21 built in India.

The construction of the nuclear plant began on March 31, 2002.

Types of Nuclear Reactors at the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant

The No. 1 reactor of the plant is the first pressurized water reactor (PWR) belonging to the category of light water reactor (LWR) in India, and the nuclear reactor number 21 in the country.

Reactor typePressurized water reactor (PWR): working and pros and cons
Reactor modelVVER V-412
Grid connection2014-12-31
OwnerNuclear Power Corporation Of India Ltd.
OperatorNuclear Power Corporation Of India Ltd.
ZoneKudankulam, Tamil Nadu

Published: January 6, 2013
Last review: November 4, 2016

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