Nuclear Power Plant Isar, Germany

Spent nuclear fuel pool

Turbine of a nuclear plant

Kalinin-1 nuclear power plant, Russian Federation

The Kalinin nuclear power plant is located 200 km from Moscow, Tver Oblast, near the town of Udomlya.

The operator and owner of the nuclear plant is the state company Rosenergoatom.

The Kalinin plant supplies most of the electricity in the Tver region and can sometimes serve energy to Moscow, St. Petersburg and Vladimir.

Reactor typePWR
Reactor modelVVER V-338
Grid connection1984-05-09
OwnerJoint Stock Company "Concern Rosenergoatom"
OperatorJoint Stock Company "Concern Rosenergoatom"
CountryRussian Federation
ZoneTver, Volga
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Last review: November 2, 2016

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