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List of nuclear power plants in Spain

Spain available right now 7 active nuclear power plants, 8 inactive nuclear power plants and 2 decommissioned nuclear power plants
  • Cofrentes nuclear power plant. Cofrentes, Valencia

    Cofrentes nuclear power plant, Spain The Cofrentes nuclear power plant is located in Cofrentes (Valencia). It supplies almost as much energy as that consumed by the Valencian community.

  • Trillo nuclear power plant. Trillo (Guadalajara)

    The Trillo is located between the towns of Trillo and Cofrentes. Was connected to the grid in 1988 and in May 2001, the nuclear power plant got the milestone of 100,000 GWh of gross

  •  Almaraz-1 nuclear power plant. Almaraz, Caceres

    Nuclear plant Almaraz I and II, located in cáceres, has an annual production of 16,089 million kilowatt-hours.

  • Almaraz-2 nuclear power plant. Almaraz, Caceres
  • Ascó 1 nuclear power plant. Ascó, Tarragona

    Asco nuclear power plant is a second-generation nuclear power plant located in Ascó, Catalonia. It has two nuclear reactors PWE type: Asco Asco I and II.

  • Asco-2 nuclear power plant. Tarragona
  • Vandellos-2 nuclear power plant. Hospitalet de L'Infant (Tarragona)

    Vandellos-2 nuclear power plant, Spain The Vandellós II nuclear power plant is a third-generation nuclear power plant located in Catalonia. It uses a nuclear pressurized water reactor.

Projects paralyzed, inactive or under construction

  • Garoña nuclear power plant. Santa María de Garoña, Burgos

    Garona nuclear plant was closed in 2015. Spain's oldest nuclear plant. Its nuclear reactor was the BWR.

  • Lemóniz I and II nuclear power plant. Lemóniz (Vizcaya)

    The nuclear power plant was built in Lemóniz Franco era and paralyzed before launching nuclear affected by the moratorium.

  • Valdecaballeros I & II nuclear power plant. Badajoz
  • Trillo II nuclear power plant. Guadalajara

    In the municipality of Trillo (Guadalajara) is planned to build a new nuclear plant, Trillo II, but was blocked by the nuclear moratorium affected.

  • Escatrón I & II nuclear power plant. Zaragoza

    In 1977 the people of Escartón installation approved by referendum in the municipality of central nuclear energy production.

  • Santillan nuclear power plant. Cantabria
  • Regodola nuclear power plant. Lugo

    In August 1976 permission was granted for the installation of a nuclear Regodola with a rated capacity of 1,000 MWe. Subsequently blocked affected by the nuclear moratorium.

  • Sayago nuclear power plant. Zamora

Central dismantled or being dismantled

  • Jose Cabrera nuclear power plant. Almonacid de Zorita (Guadalajara)

    Jose Cabrera nuclear power plant, Spain The nuclear power plant is located in the municipality of Almonacid de Zorita in the province of Guadalajara. with a power of 160 MW. UNION FENOSA GENERATION property.

  • Vandellós-1 nuclear power plant. L'Hospitalet de L'Infant (Tarragona)

    Vandellós I nuclear power plant, Spain The Vandellós I nuclear power plant began operating in 1972. It was a graphite-gas plant. It is currently in the process of being dismantled.

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