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Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant, Spain

The Cofrentes nuclear power plant came into operation on 14 October 1984.

This is a nuclear power generation plant with a reactor BWR-6-Boiling Water Reactor (boiling water reactor 6th generation) type originally boast a total installed capacity of 992 MWe but after certain improvements were achieved expand the power in the current 111.85%, equivalent to 1,110 MWe.

Location Nuclear Power Plant

It is located in the municipality of Cofrentes, in the province of Valencia about 110 km from the provincial capital. It was built on the right bank of the river Juncar of taking water for cooling.


The project started in March 1973 with General Electric municipality contract the main nuclear equipment and ended in 1982. The construction permit on the 6th of September 1973. It is currently owned by Iberdrola was granted.

WR-6-Boiling, reactor slightly enriched uranium used for heat generation.

Containment is tel MARK-III type. Which form a primary containment the suppression pool circularel drywell and metal containment. Secondary containment is formed by the auxiliary building, fuel building and the reactor building.

Reactor typeBoiling Water Reactor (BWR)
Reactor modelBWR-6
Grid connection1984-10-14
OwnerIberdrola, S.A.
OperatorIberdrola, S.A.
ZoneCofrentes, Valencia
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