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Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant, Spain

Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant, Spain

The Cofrentes nuclear power plant became operational on October 14, 1984.

It is a nuclear power plant with a BWR-6-Boiling Water Reactor (6th generation boiling water reactor) that initially had an installed capacity of 992 MWe but after certain improvements it was possible to expand the power at 111.85% today, equivalent to 1,110 MWe.

The Cofrentes nuclear power plant , owned by Iberdrola Generación Nuclear SA

At present, it deals with the nuclear installation with the highest electrical power capacity in Spain: 1,092 megawatts (MW).

geographical Location of the Nuclear Power Plant

It is located in the municipality of Cofrentes, in the province of Valéncia, about 110 km from the provincial capital. It was built on the right bank of the Júncar river from which it takes water for cooling.

how Was the Cofrentes Nuclear Project Developed?

The project began in March 1973, the main nuclear equipment was contracted with General Electric and ended in 1982. The Construction Authorization was granted on September 6, 1973. It is currently owned by Iberdrola.

The WR-6-Boiling reactor uses slightly enriched uranium for heat generation.

Containment is MARK-III type. The primary containment is formed by a suppression pool in the dry well and the metallic containment. The secondary containment consists of the auxiliary building, the fuel building, and the reactor building.

how Is the Municipality of Cofrentes?

Cofrentes is a municipality in the Valencian Country located in the Ayora Valley. The place name means "confluence" because it is a meeting point for the Júcar and the Cabriel, which gives it its appearance; in Muslim times it belonged, between 1147 and 1172 in the kingdom of Murcia, ruled by Ibn Mardanisch.

The term, 103.1 km 2 , is quite mountainous, furrowed by the Júcar and the Cabriel and with heights such as

  • the Chirrichana pass (710 m)
  • Los Morrones (853 m)
  • Sheep (800)
  • La Repunta (678 m)

The influx from Cabriel to Júcar forms the Embarcadero reservoir. Apart from the large number of excursions on foot or by bicycle that can be made, it is worth noting the speleological interest of the municipality with different caves, among which the Cueva Hermosa and the Volcano stand out.

Photo Author:  Garcellor

Reactor typeBoiling Water Nuclear Reactor (BWR)
Reactor modelBWR-6
Grid connection1984-10-14
OwnerIberdrola, S.A.
OperatorIberdrola, S.A.
ZoneCofrentes, Valencia

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