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Lemóniz I and II Nuclear Power Plant, Spain

Lemóniz I and II Nuclear Power Plant, Spain

nuclear power plant Lemoniz The nuclear power plant Lemóniz was a product of the nuclear policy of the end of the Franco dictatorship. It was built on the creek in the town of Basordas Lemóniz, province of Vizcaya (Basque Country). 15 km from Bilbao. But never put into operation because of the nuclear moratorium adopted by the socialist government in 1984.

The nuclear plant was part of a national energy project developed by the Franco dictatorship. This project would consist of two nuclear units of 1,000 MW each. During construction of the nuclear plant were used 1,000 tons of iron and 200,000 cubic meters of reinforced concrete.

The Basque intended to be energy independent because, due to its heavy industrialization, was extremely short on energy.

The nuclear plant was built by Lemóniz utility Iberduero, (now Iberdrola hydroelectric after merging with Spanish).

At the end of the works, about to put the plant into operation, failing only to introduce nuclear fuel, was stopped and dismantled at a total cost of 6,000 million euros.

At the time these were released nuclear projects appeared several groups to get their paralysis. They did not have much success in the practical sense but it got a strong social support so that much of the Basque society was against this nuclear policy. These protests were focused on getting a referendum on the future of nuclear Basque ultimately not performed due to the strong support of the main political parties during the years of democracy.

During this process appears the terrorist group ETA that a wave of attacks carried out between 70 and 80. These actions ETA demanded the demolition of the nuclear plant in exchange for not executing the project engineers. Finally, in 1981 killed Jose Maria Ryan Estrada after holding kidnapped and murdered in 1982 Múgica Angel Pascual, the latest victim on behalf of the nuclear power Lemo niz.

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