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Regodola Nuclear Power Plant, Spain

Regodola Nuclear Power Plant, Spain

In August 1976 permission was granted for the installation of a nuclear power plant in the municipality of Regodola (Lugo). The grant was made to the group of companies comprising Fenosa, Hydroelectric and Electra de Viesgo Biscay, the latter two with a 20% stake.

The Regodola nuclear power plant had had a rated capacity of 1,000 MWe light water. The development of the project and the limits and conditions on nuclear safety in resolving especificavan DG Energy.

At that time in Spain there were three operating nuclear power plants, three in construccióny 15 project.

The installation approval of Regodola plant was commissioned in the National Energy Plan, which states that by 1985 our country had a total of 24 operating plants.

Finally the nuclear plant project did not materialize as it was affected by the moratorium on nuclear dectreto.


Last review: November 2, 2016

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