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Trillo Nuclear Power Plant, Spain

Trillo Nuclear Power Plant, Spain

The nuclear power plant is located in a place called "Cerrillo Alto", in the municipality of Trillo, on the right bank of the Tagus river, in the province of Guadalajara. The nearest towns are Trillo's own people and Cifuentes.

The plant property is divided between Spanish electricity companies: IBERDROLA GENERATION (48%), NUCLENOR (2%), Unión Fenosa Generación (34.5%) e HIDROCANTÁBRICO GENERATION (15.5%).

The plant was included in the forecast, with a horizon located in 1992, were developed in the previous National Energy Plan approved by the Government. These forecasts established the start up of the plant during 1988, after the requisite tests and inspections established and was granted Authorisation Commissioning. In this plant, 85% of the investment was Spanish. Prior authorization, issued September 4, 1975, confirmed the proposed site and defined the characteristics of the project.

In 1979 permission was granted in 1988 of construction and for the first time was connected to the power grid and began commercial operation. Trillo I is equipped with a pressurized water reactor, which belongs to the so called third generation.

The power plant consists of three circuits, the primary circuit, formed by the reactor vessel, the pressurizer, pumps, steam generators circulacióny-sub-circuit constituted by the high pressure turbine presióny three Low pressure and the corresponding capacitors alternator and the cooling water, where the temperature remains at low levels using two draft cooling towers natural, into which the water falls on Showers shape and is cooled by the rising air stream is produced naturally.

In May 2001, the nuclear power plant got the milestone of 100,000 GWh of cumulative gross production after thirteen years of operation.

It is remarkable the expansion project of the temporary storage of spent fuel, which was approved Construction Authorization in the Council of Ministers of 31 July 1999.

The dry storage of spent fuel has been built outside the containment building, with a floor space of 2,280 square meters, with the objective of solving the problem of limited space for continuity the operation of the plant.

The store is designed to hold up to 80 containers, each capable of holding 21 fuel. The containers have been purchased by ENRESA and ENSA designed and manufactured under license from the U.S. company NAC. This store only stored spent fuel from Central Trillo, according to rules issued by the V General Radioactive Waste Plan.

In 2003 took place the burden of 4 containers ENSA-DPT with a total of 84 spent fuel elements. At present, are in the Temporary Storage Intermediate (ATI) 6 containers with a total of 126 spent fuel elements. In addition, we plan to load 2 containers in 2004 and 4 containers in 2005.

In 1999, TECNATOM and Trillo reached an agreement to build a specific simulator of this plant and an Interactive Graphic Simulator (SGI). In October 2003, completed the construction project, having already completed the first year of retraining of operators in it. The simulator is a replica of the panels and instruments in the Main Control Room and the Emergency Control Room of the plant, and occupies an area of ​​340 square meters. It also has a post Instructor console, equipped with multiple control functions, interaction, supervision visualizacióny simulation.

In 2003, the gross electrical output of the plant reached 8.667 million kWh with a load factor of 92.82%.

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