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Davis Besse Nuclear Power Plant, United States

Davis Besse Nuclear Power Plant, United States

The Davis-Besse nuclear power plant is located on the shore of Lake Erie near Oak Harbor, in the state of Ohio in the United States. The nuclear facility has a single nuclear reactor.

This is the 57th commercial power reactor built in the United States although it was the 50th to get going. Construction of the plant began on 1 September 1970.

The nuclear reactor is pressurized water type with a power output of 873 MWe power.

Nuclear Incidents in the Davis Besse Nuclear Power Plant

Of the 5 nuclear incidents in the United States, two of them have occurred in the nuclear power Davis-Besse.

First Incident (1985)

The first incident of the Davis Besse nuclear power plant occurred in 1985.

The incident originated by closing the two main pumps supplying boiling water. It was doors used to supply water to the steam generators of nuclear reactor. The first was closed due to an increase in speed due to a malfunctioning electronic control system of the turbine pump. The second door was closed by a momentary signal high discharge pressure was generata by the attempt of the second pump to balance the flow lost by the failure of the first pump.

An operator at the control room tried to start the auxiliary feeder pumps water emergency. The two fell too fast because the operator of the control room of the plant, to perform the maneuver start-up, pressed the wrong buttons.

Regarding the probability of a core meltdown of the reactor, the NRC classified this nuclear incident as the most dangerous incident since the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island in the reacor had a partial meltdown.

Intially this incident was classificó as a (least severe in the classification of the NRC for an incident) "unusual event", later it determined that should have been classified with a "site area emergency". This second raniking the nuclear incident would of course be only one level below the "general emergency" that occurred at Three Mile Island.

Second Motion (2002)

The second nuclear incident Davis Besse plant was produced in March 2002. Contextually happened after the government had allowed a delay in safety inspections deadline of 31 December 2001. At that time, it was discovered the effects of corrosion caused by boric acid in thickness reactor pressure hull.

A gap was found could have allowed the partial exhaust reactor containment building of radioactive water damaging safety equipment. This escape could have cause deserfectos in nuclear fuel.

For two years the nuclear reactor was closed. During these two years new cracks in nuclear plant that increased the likelihood of a nuclear incident fuel damage were discovered. Should have occurred would have been possible nuclear fuel damage and release radioactive particles progressed.

The incident was ranked the fifth most dangerous by the NRC. After two years of closure, the nuclear reactor Davis-Besse was put into operation again in March 2004.

On January 20, 2006, the Davis-Besse owner FirstEnergy Corporation of Akron, in Ohio, recognized a concealment of serious security breaches. These occultations were made by former employees. After this recognition, pripietaria reached an agreement to obtain a civil judgment with the United States Department of Justice, rather than a federal trial for criminal prosecution.

Reactor typePressurized water reactor (PWR): working and pros and cons
Reactor modelB&W (R-loop)
Grid connection1977-08-28
OwnerCleveland Electric Illuminating Co.
OperatorFirst Energy Nuclear Operating Co.
CountryUnited States
ZoneOak Harbor, Ohio

Published: January 6, 2013
Last review: November 2, 2016

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