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Three Mile Island-2 Nuclear Power Plant, United States

Three Mile Island-2 Nuclear Power Plant, United States

The Three Mile Island nuclear power plant is Troba a l'Illa to the Susquehanna river to the county of Dauphin to Pennsylvania, a deu quilometres to the south-east of Harrisburg ALS Estats Units.

On March 28, 1979, collapse 1 collapse to nuclear reactor number 2, which will be destroyed. Three Mile Island is AIXI IUD because it is Troba to three thousand riu avall from Middletown, Pennsylvania. The nuclear plant will be built originally by General Public Utilities Corporation, later on, with the nou nom of GPU Incorporated.

L'accident is going to classify in level 5 of the INES scale and it will be the nuclear accident most important dins dels Estats Units. After the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island, the dismantling of reactor 2 is to be started, but the reactor is being segueix in operation.

Three Mile Island Reactor 1

The Unitat 1 of Three Mile Island is a reactor of aigua pressió (PWR) with a capacity of net generation of 819 megawatts elèctrics. The Unitat 1 will enter into operation for the first time on April 19, 1974 and will begin the commercial operations on September 2, 1974.

Three Mile Island - 1 llicència per operate for 40 years from the first execució, i the 2009 is going for 20 years, which means that can operate fins on April 19, 2034. The reactor number 1 of the central Elèctrica Tea a system of refraining of tanker cicle per a la seva main condenser that utilitza dues towers of refredament of natural tir. L'aigua de refrieración s'extreu del riu per replaçar l'aigua perduda per l'evaporació en les torres. Per the system d'aigua de servei s'utilitza the refredament d'a sun cop amb aigua de riu that restores the auxiliary components and eliminates the heat of disintegration quan the nuclear reactor s'apaga.

Since reactor Three of Three Mile Island is going through the nuclear accident in 1979, reactor 1 was disconnected to replenish nuclear fuel. It is going to return to line in October of 1985, after the public opposition, various federal judiciary resources and some technical and regulatory complications.

Three Mile Island Reactor 2

The nuclear reactor number two of Three Mile Island is the tipus nuclear reactor is PWR, nuclear reactor d'aigua a pressió. Aquest reactor will be constructed in a similar way to reactor 1 of the nuclear installation mateixa.

The only difference will be that reactor 2 of Three Mile Island had a higher electrical power than that of reactor 1. The net generation capacity of reactor 2 was 906 MW, and that reactor 1 had an electrical power supply. net of 819 megawatts elèctrics. Unitat 2 will reopen the seva llicència d'operació on February 8, 1978 and will begin commercial operations on December 30, 1978.

Because of the nuclear accident of 1979, Unit 2 of the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant is permanently empty.

Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident

The Three Mile Island power plant is famously known as the 1979 nuclear accident in a nuclear power plant in the USA. UU Amb l'alliberament d'a significant quantitat of nuclear radiation, estimated at a maximum of 480 P Bq in the form of noble gases, and less than 740 G Bq of iode-131.

The nuclear accident of Three Mile Island is classified at level 5 (accident amb conseqüències significatives fora de la planta) of the INES scale of l'IAEA. No obstant això, no hi va haver morts confirmed between the treballadors of the plant of nuclear energy and the population of the district directly attributable to l'accident.

In those that Moment the plant consisted of two reactors d'aigua a pressió (PWR) constructs per Babcock & Wilcox: the first had a capacity of 800 MW and had entered Servei in 1974, unitat 2 (irreparablement danyada per l ' accident) had a capacity of 900 megawatts and will enter Servei on December 30, 1978, 3 months Abans de l'accident nuclear. Among the security operations, the nuclear fuel is fully extended from October 1985 to April 1990, for the first time in the contents of the National Laboratories of Idaho.

At l'actualitat, S'estan is not due to Terme Operacions significatives in the lloc, NOMÉS monitoratge i Manteniment: the total dismantling of the Segona unitat, estimated in 2036, it is postpones Fins a poc després of dir dir the definitive detention of the first reactor nuclear.

Reactor typePressurized water reactor (PWR): working and pros and cons
Grid connection1978-04-21
OperatorGeneral Public Utilities(Owned By Firstenergy Corp.)
CountryUnited States
ZoneMiddleton, Pennsylvania

Published: January 6, 2013
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