Nuclear Power Plant Isar, Germany

Spent nuclear fuel pool

Turbine of a nuclear plant


Transport, Storage And Management Of Low And Intermediate Activity Nuclear Waste

Transport, Storage And Management Of Low And Intermediate Activity Nuclear Waste

Nuclear waste management is understood as the set of activities that lead to its reuse, its disappearance or its neutralization and evacuation to suitable places. These measures must guarantee long-term security.

Nuclear waste management encompasses all the administrative and technical tasks necessary for the handling, treatment, conditioning, transport and storage of nuclear waste. These actions must take into account both economic and security factors.

Isolation of nuclear waste

The isolation of nuclear waste is done through the interposition of natural and…

Nuclear Waste

Nuclear Waste

One of the main problems in the use of nuclear energy is the management of nuclear waste as it is very dangerous and difficult to eliminate.

What is done with nuclear waste?

Nuclear waste is one of the main problems related to nuclear energy. If these wastes are not treated properly, they are highly hazardous to the population and the environment.

Radioactive waste can be classified according to its physical and chemical characteristics and by its activity.

Classifying them by their activity we have:

  • High-level nuclear waste, composed of elements of…

Uses Of Nuclear Technology

Uses Of Nuclear Technology

The main use of nuclear energy is the production of electric energy. Nuclear power plants are responsible for generating electricity. Nuclear fission reactors are generated in the nuclear reactors of the nuclear power plants. With these reactions thermal energy is obtained which will be transformed into mechanical energy and later into electrical energy.

However, there are many other applications where nuclear technology is used directly or indirectly.

Working with different isotopes of the same element, nuclear technology can be used for other applications in various fields: