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Nuclear Power Plants in Italy

Nuclear power plants in Italy

Italy became the first country to completely shut down all existing nuclear power plants and completely abandon nuclear power.

The Italians, by means of a referendum, rejected nuclear energy. The reason for the rejection is due to the consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear accident.

Since then they have depended and depend on oil and, above all, gas from Algeria and Russia.

Return to Nuclear Power

However, in 2009 Italy again turned to nuclear power to produce electricity.

The Italian and French governments signed an agreement for French companies specializing in nuclear development (Areva, EDF) to participate in the construction of four third-generation nuclear power plants in Italy.

On June 12, 2011, a referendum was to be held in Italy to restart investment in nuclear energy. The current Government had a project to start the works of four plants in 2013 and have them fully operational in 2020.

The referendum was to be held three months after the unfortunate Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan. Due to the accident at the Japanese plant, the pebiscito was postponed.

Second Rejection of Nuclear Energy by the Italians

The referendum was finally held in June 2011. 

The result of the referendum in Italy in 2011 clearly demonstrated the rejection of the Italian citizens to the return of nuclear energy. The result was an overwhelming 94% vote against the plan to return to nuclear energy drawn up by the Berlusconi government.

List of Nuclear Power Plants in Italy

Currently, the list of active nuclear power plants in Italy are as follows.

Nuclear power plantsReactors


Published: April 7, 2020
Last review: January 1, 2019