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Sievert is a unit derived from the dose of ionizing radiation in the International System of Units. It is represented by the symbol Sv. It is a measure of the effect on health health of low levels of ionizing radiation in the human body. The sievert is of fundamental importance in dosimetry and protection against radiation.

The name of sievert is due to the Swedish medical physicist Rolf Maximilian Sievert for his work in the measurement of the dose of radiation and the investigation of the biological effects of the radiation.

Quantities measured in sieverts are intended to represent stochastic risk for health, which for radiation dose assessment is defined as the likelihood of induction of a cancer and to produce some genetic damage. A sievert carries a probability of 5.5% of developing cancer eventually based on the linear model with no threshold.

One sievert equals 100 rem. Rem is an old unit of measurement, not recognized in the international system of measures.

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