Nuclear power is used
in many places of the planet

Nuclear technology is widely
spread throughout the planet

Nuclear Power in Spain

Nuclear Power in Spain

The first nuclear power plant built in Spain in 1969, was the José Cabrera nuclear power plant. All nuclear plants that were built at that time, builders and engineers were the same entity. The father of nuclear energy in Spain was Jose Maria Otero of Navascués, who was the director of the laboratory and Research Workshop of Staff of the Navy.

The second generation of nuclear plants were built by the following companies: Company Grouped, INITEC and ENSA.

The third generation includes Trillo and nuclear power plant-2. Proyewctadas were 5 other nuclear plants but construction was halted by the moratorium on nuclear nonproliferation, 1994.

All of them work with nuclear fission because nuclear fusion is still technically unfeasible.

Fuel Cycle

Spain currently imports all the uranium fuel, although at the time ENUSA, a Spanish compaía had several uranium mines that have already been dismantled.

Importance of nuclear energy in Spain

In Spain has eight nuclear reactors accounting for 18.29% of the total energy in Spain. The main energy source is obtained by combined cycle (power plant that generates electricity using a gas turbine and steam cycle using one or more steam turbines) - 29.89% - Nuclear energy is the second source of energy production. Third, other forms of energy production such as cogeneration, small hydro, biomass or waste utilization account for 16.55% of total consumption. In late position lie-called green energy, hydropower and wind power accounts for 6.59% and 9.81% respectively.

Renewable energy is a great opportunity that today begins to be profitable, as laenergía wind, and it is having a boom in the world.

The problem is that as you can not depend on the intensity of the wind at all times there is a quota limit on the total energy produced in a country. Studies marked the limit in 20%.

Thus it is necessary to generate 80% of the energy by other means. With today's technology there are two possibilities: to produce energy by burning hydrocarbons (diesel, coal, gas ..), heavily polluting by the millions of tons of CO2 emitted annually produce energy or the Energi mendiante ; to nuclear.

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