Radiological Scanner



Radiology techniques consist of obtaining images of the body using X-ray equipment, traversing the exploratory field under study. At present, there are many developments in this field highlighting ultrasound techniques, which use ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging that uses no ionizing radiation.

Thanks to the X radiology studies may skeleton, thorax, abdomen, nervous system, digestive tract, urinary tract, heart, etc. performed In the radiological image is achieved that the X-ray beam passes through the area to explore. Depending on the tissues, the X rays are absorbed differently. Thus an emerging beam having intensity variations visible on a screen, that the disclosed results in a radiograph is obtained.

Another important medical radiology technique is computerized tomography (CT), which is to obtain a three-dimensional computer projection from the overlapping sections of the organ to study, produced by a thin collimated X-ray beam circling the same.

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Last review: October 2, 2015