Control Rods

Control Rods

The control rods of nuclear reactors provide speed control nuclear fission reactions delas chain. It is cylindrical tubes made of a neutron absorbing material. This material may be boron carbide or alloys of silver, indium and cadmium.

Dimensions of the control rods are the same as those of the rods of nuclear fuel. They are used to provide a rapid means of control of the nuclear reaction.

The control rods to regulate the rate of nuclear reaction

Control rods to control the power of nuclear reactor

Nuclear reactors installed in nuclear power plants for electricity generation are nuclear fission. The main feature of the fission reactions is that after each reaction with neutrons that may impact other uraniumatom and generate more reactions are released. Is what is called chain reactions.

Control rods allow make rapid changes of power and even a shutdown nuclear reactor emergencia.Si if the control rods have the ability to absorb neutrons collide with another avoid that fuel atom and generate another reaction. Thus, by uploading or lowering them we can regulate the amount of chain reactions that were generated and, consequently, the reactor power.

The control rods are an important safety element to stop the nuclear reactor in case of alarm.


Published: December 10, 2009
Last review: October 28, 2016