Nuclear Power Plant Isar, Germany

Spent nuclear fuel pool

Turbine of a nuclear plant

Nuclear fusion reactor - ITER Project

The experimental fusion reactor ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) is a large-scale scientific experiment designed to test the feasibility of fusion as an energy source. Currently the ITER fusion reactor is under construction in the south of France, in Cadarache.

At the industry level, nuclear fusion does not exist yet. Since the 50s under investigation on the use of the energy generated in the nuclear fusion of light atoms into heavier. The development of nuclear fusion is considered very important because of the advantage offered by the large amount of energy released in the process and the abundance of deuterium, an isotope of hydrogen suitable for fusion.

In the ITER nuclear fusion project involves 7 partners. European Union, India, Japan, Russia, United States, South Korea and China

The nuclear fusion reactor ITER will not produce electricity. The aim of ITER is to solve scientific and critical in order to use nuclear fusion in industrial applications technical problems. Have an estimated gain factor 10, that is, for every input 50MW produce 500MW reactor output. Right now opens the way for the next step: a power plant demonstration fusion


View of the construction of the ITER project - 2014 The construction of the ITER fusion reactor began in 2010. In addition to the start of construction of buildings, the project has made the transition from design to manufacturing large models and components. From mid-2014, began sending large pieces from manufacturing plants located throughout the world to the construction site in France, where they will be assembled in the ITER device.

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